fluorescent unnatural amino acid

Fluorescently label any proteinwith a single amino acid substitution!

What is L-Anap?

L-Anap allows researchers to fluorescently label any protein with a single amino acid substitution.

AsisChem is the only commercial supplier of L-Anap, which was was first synthesized by Chaterjee et al[1]. We supply two versions of L-ANAP: the first is a trifluoroacetate salt (L-ANAP*TFA), the other is a methyl ester derivative (L-ANAP-OMe), that relies on cellular esterase activity to enter cells non-reversibly.

Our synthesis of L-ANAP-OMe has been verified to work with the same tRNA/synthetase pair that has been used for successful incorporation into proteins in yeast[2], xenopus oocytes[3], and multiple mammalian cell types[4] including HEK293 and CHO cells and is available through Addgene.

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